Monday, November 15, 2010

For My Friends

I know an amazing experiment
If you put a few drops soap into cup
The divided oil and water
That had their back to each other, mixes as one
This is so much like us
We fight like we will never see each other again
And then become mixed in the soap called love
Suddenly all the animosity disappears
We fight a hundred times,
and our hearts break a hundred times
but like tangled pieces of string,
our love can't be pulled apart
We fix our faults,
learn each other's hearts
I know one day,
Only our happiness will be left
I'll try to say the awkward words of love
(I love you)
On days when i'm tired,
I'll hide my tired expression just for you
In my daily dairies,
there is nothing, but talks about you
We will show each other once in a while
It will be nice if we were happy
At first we couldn't meet,
but how it is so different now?
still you don't know how much i want to keep on meeting you
Eventhough we are so different
Our love will stay the same
I don't want a love that will evaporate away like soap bubbles
A love that will be felt without words,
that is the love i want..
When you are with me,
You can't ride in golden carriages even in your dream
but while you are still with me,
i can make you smile..
Though our hobbies are different
and our thoughts are different too,
Our habits have become similar..
The way we talk becomes similar..
And even the times that we fall asleep,
have become the same after we talk all night...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bila cuti bermula

Hati gembira tak terkata.hehehe..maklumlah dah lama tak balik rumah.Semalam pergi jalan2 dengan Ain, Salwa n Myza. Teman diorang beli barang2 sebab diorang dah nak balik matriks ahad ni.
Mak Ain datang ambik. Mula2 hantar kakak dia kat kedai. Lepas tu gi kat bandar ambik duit Ain and then pergi Mydin. Jalan2 kat Mydin pastu g Giant, teman Myza buat spek mata. Sementara tunggu Myza, ternampaklah seorang budak kecik yang di kelilingi budak2 kecik.Pikah! lamanya tak jumpa..Pikah datang dengan abang dia n adik.Biha datang dgn Umi.Pastu jumpa Izzati Fatimah dengan mak dia..Lamanya tak jumpa kawan2.Alhamdulillah sempat jugak berjumpa dengan diorang walaupun tak dirancang..

currently addicted song: Trap by No Min Woo