Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fenomena Istiwa (Matahari Atas Kaabah)

Peluang untuk semak kiblat anda!

Matahari akan berada tepat atas Kaabah pada 2 tarikh setiap tahun

28 Mei - 5.16 ptg
16 Julai - 5.28 ptg
(waktu Malaysia)

Cara Semak Kiblat

1. Pacakkan kayu or apa2 objek yang lurus atas permukaan yang rata

2. Pastikan kayu tu btol2 90 degree

3. Pastikan bayang2 objek tersebut jelas kelihatan atas permukaan

4. Kawasan tersebut hendaklah tidak terlindung dan matahari mudah kelihatan

5. Tunggu sehingga 5.16 ptg sekiranya masa tu 28 Mei

6. Atau.. tunggu 5.28 ptg sekiranya masa tu 16 Julai

7. Bila sampai waktu, perhatikan bayang2 objek

8. Buat garisan selari dengan bayang2 ke arah matahari

9. Garisan tu akan menunjukkan tepat ke arah kiblat. InsyaAllah


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fly High~

So fly high!
Go to the sky!
Now Im gonna try flying!
My heart burn up
Engine turn up
Unveil the dreams hidden in our heart
and believe only in me
I will hold your hand
I can make your dream come true
This thrilling feeling follows the sky blue light
I won't let go of anything
I will have it all
As long as we enjoy this moment
Even if i'm breathless,
clearly i will regret if i stop
Don't be afraid of bitter failure or what not
You have to go through it all
Your smile gives me happiness
We will sail through the pain in no time
I'm going to make that great love someday without stopping
During the time you fall and during the times is hard
When you hate the you who put on a mask
Be yourself and hold my hand!
We were flying towards your dream
Now open your eyes
Get up to the world
Look up to the sky!
Capture those dreams fiiled in your hand
and fly far away
I will be at your side protectng you
I can make your dream come true
Dazzling..your smile is dazzling
When its hard and you're tired,
Without hesitating
Once more without hesitating
Try finding your dreams!
So fly high!
Go to the sky!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Over The Rain

OST Bloody Monday

Even though the cold rain wets your cheek
The drop that falls on the petals overlaps with you
If that becomes like sunshine
The sparkle won't lose its colour
No matter how tarnished it is
Ah, thinking it won't disappear
Not just this
The feeling of sadness won't fade
Within the eyes that endured tears
The light that is prettier than all else is collected
Let's walk on the other side of the clouds
After the rain, the rainbow will appear
If you listen carefully the beat that can be heard
Is not something that thrown aside
It is gentle; the heart is merry
Take this hand and strike the dust
You will probably see that today and yesterday
Are now different
Oh, it's just one wound
As though the precious expectation has ceased
Leave it here
Everyone will draw the bridge of all our hope
In their hearts amid the dark
When the rain lifts,
We believe the dream built in the sky
And go walking
Even though you continue to shout hoarsely
And continue to flounder, it's just unrequited
It seems you can take it in your hand
It seems it won't arrive
The sunshine is the answer
The raindrop that wet the cheek
Are a single muscle's glitter
No need to be frightened
Everyone is living
So that we all may see the rainbow
In the starved darkness
When the rain clears
We'll trust the dream built in the sky
And go walking
Believe only the dream and go walking.....

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tembikai umi tanam belakang rumah da berbuah..

tak sabar nak tunggu tembikai ni besar.
kecik2 banyak tp yg besar ckit ade dua je

Tembikai besar